To you who is pursuing your dream…


Dear You-

You are in the process of completing the necessary steps to becoming what you want to be.  Congratulations on following your dream.  Undoubtedly you will face setbacks and struggles on this path.  I hope your spirit will lift when I tell you a lot of people are pulling for you and wishing for you to realize your dreams.  It takes a strong person to achieve their goals and I know you can do it.  And I know you can make it through whatever life throws at you.  Don’t give up, friend.  I believe good things are going to happen for you.  I’ve put in a special request to the Universe for special favors and miracles for you – you just wait with patience and faith…they should be happening any day now.  Never give up!

– From Me

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Photo courtesy of Carol Fernandez under a Creative Commons license.


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