About the artist


I’m EJ and I’m glad you found your way here!  Tell-Tale Creations is the name under which I explore and share my artistic endeavors.  My focus is on creativity as the catalyst for authentic self expression and transformative human connection.

Throughout my life I found that creating and appreciating things of beauty is necessary to my own happiness.   I’m most inspired by art of all kinds, papercrafting, poetry and prose, quotations, letter writing, and above all meaningful human connection.

Card Making

I am a lifelong poet who took up crafting in 2013.  Through paper crafting, I expanded into a niche realm of visual arts that fills a special creative space in my life.  My main joy in paper crafting is making greeting cards.  Unique and handmade greeting cards bring lovely moments of joy to recipients.  I’m glad to create small things of pleasure to share with others.  —> View my gallery of cards made over the years. <—

Tell-Tale Creations | Shop Online

Online Shop

Browse my selection of nostalgic greeting cards inspired by the sunshine, seashore, and Southern ways that characterize the Florida life.  Vintage, nautical, and tropical themes abound.

Your family and friends deserve greetings as unique and individual as they are.  By giving them carefully crafted handmade gifts, you communicate that they are irreplaceable and they hold a special place in your heart.  They’ll be delighted that you care to chose a one-of-a-kind creation for them.

Visit my Facebook page and click “like” to reveal a 15% off coupon code to use in my shop!

Tell-Tale Creations | Shop Online

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