Autumn art

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A selection of art pieces that evoke the feel of my favorite season, autumn.

Autumn themed mail art from my pen-pal in Malaysia.

Autumn themed mail art from a pen-pal.  (click to enlarge)

One of my lovely pen-pals named Tata sent me some gorgeous autumn themed mail art that I want to show off as well.  She put a lot of work and love into this and I am thrilled to have received it.  Envelope, letter writing paper and handmade card are all hand stamped with a leafy motif.  Close inspection seems to indicate that Tata probably collected some real leaves to make this artwork – she’s so inventive! I love that personal touch.  Click the image to enlarge and enjoy the lovely autumn quote by Lewis Carroll.

Wishing you a happy autumn and all the joy of the upcoming holidays. 🙂