Get offline and write more letters

As you walk back to the house after checking the mailbox, you sort through the envelopes with a sense of boredom. Bills, bills, always so many bills. And the constant junk mail is a never ending atrocity of waste. But wait. You spot a hand addressed envelope with a real stamp on it. You would know that handwriting anywhere. You weren’t expecting this. You wonder what they sent and what they have to say. You can’t wait to get inside and devote a moment to this hand delivered and very welcome message. You might even start tearing into the envelope before you make it through the door. What a great moment.

Do you remember the last time this happened to you? Can you remember how great it feels to get one of those unexpected cards or letters? Can you remember that feeling of knowing someone was thinking of you and cared enough to send you a long distance hug in a letter? Shouldn’t these types of moments be had more often?

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