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I believe in making the online experience as personal as possible. People are surprisingly disconnected from one another, even as technology blurs the lines of geographic, cultural and political barriers.

Connection on a one-to-one basis is possible and important in this digital age…all you have to do is reach out!

Here are ways you can reach me:


Anyone who knows me knows I’m all about snail mail.
I am currently on a hiatus from receiving mailed correspondence, though.
I will post an update right here when that changes.


2 responses to “Contact Info

  1. Greetings, I was just taking a look at your site and filled out your “contact us” form. The “contact us” page on your site sends you messages like this via email which is the reason you are reading my message at this moment right? That’s the most important accomplishment with any type of advertising, making people actually READ your ad and this is exactly what you’re doing now! If you have an ad message you would like to blast out to lots of websites via their contact forms in the US or anywhere in the world send me a quick note now, I can even target particular niches and my pricing is very reasonable. Send a message to:


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