Susie’s Senior Dogs

There is a wildly popular project called Humans of New York that you may be familiar with. It is the project of photographer Brandon Stanton.  One of his photographic subjects asked Brandon to adopt his little senior citizen dog, Susie, because he could no longer care for her.  Brandon gave Susie a home and his girlfriend, Erin O’Sullivan, was inspired to help other senior dogs find homes by forming the group Susie’s Senior Dogs.


Older animals are the unwanted ones that stay in shelters months or years while they watch the puppies around them quickly taken to their new homes.  That is if they are “lucky” enough not to be euthanized at a kill shelter. It kills me to know they languish in lonely abandonment when they have so much love and companionship to offer.  I don’t understand why senior animals are ignored. Usually they are already house trained and obedience trained, are less destructive, and are more attentive than the young’uns.  Susie’s Senior Dogs is a great source for finding amazing older dogs around the U.S. in need of forever homes.

I’m proud of the work the group does to make people aware of the issue that senior dogs have finding homes.  Both Brandon and Erin remind us that it’s important to see into the souls and appreciate the value of the all the beings around us, both human and animal.

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