Circular sensation

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This is a selection of circle themed art I’ve made.  I enjoy the circles because they feel nice to make and they’re nice to look at.  There are so many circular things in the world to inspire artwork.

The “hoopla” paintings were painted as one piece and cut into three to use as postcards.  The name hoopla is a play on the word ‘hoop’ and describes the feel of the pieces too.

“Willy nilly” was painted over a full color glossy magazine page.  I enjoyed the look and texture resulting from painting on that surface and plan to give it another try in the future.  The name reflects the randomness of the shapes and marks..

“Discoid” was painted on an envelope as mail art.  I experimented with using a credit card to spread the yellow paint. I discuss that method and in a previous post.

“Percolate” was painted on brown kraft paper.  The small circles that are reminiscent of bubbles and the water droplets I drew on the piece reminded me of brewing coffee, hence the name percolate.

“Eldritch” and “Stygian” were painted on full color glossy advertising mailers.  On the “Stygian” piece you can see faint colors and images from the advertisement peeking through the paint, which I think is a neat effect since the pieces are all about layering.  The dark colors in the two pieces were a response to the numerous paintings I had done in bright yellow, red and blue just prior to these.  The same palette is present in both and I like the earthy, primordial feel to it.

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