Comic books: not just for reading

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“Zzzark” – click image to enlarge

In my endeavors to collage with reclaimed paper as much as possible, I find comic books to be a great source of fun, vivid images. Comic book art tends to get an enthusiastic reaction from recipients.

The postcard pictured here was made with images in a comic book purchased for $1 at a local antique store. One comic book will yield quite a number of collage pieces, so the value is tremendous. The background text in this card is taken from a random magazine.

Depending on the source of your comic books, you may be wise to look up the value of it online before you cut into it. I read that advice after I made this postcard and the rather obvious wisdom of it actually hadn’t occurred to me before. I purchased my comic book from a consigned booth at an antique store, so I think it is likely that the consigner researched the value of the book before selling it for $1. However, in future I will do my due diligence and research that myself.

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