Zero waste


“lavande” – click image to enlarge

“Zero waste” is my goal each time I craft. I am ever on the lookout for creative ways to use my leftover paper scraps. Paper strip backgrounds like the one pictured on this handmade postcard are are an easy and resourceful way to reuse those scraps. This versatile reuse technique allows you to achieve a variety of effects from subtle to stimulating and you can use this on many types of art or craft pieces.

An understated background effect results from using papers a few shades apart in color, either pattern-free or with understated patterns. This is ideal if you don’t want to distract from the art you will make atop the background. You can achieve a stimulating background by combining patterns and multiple colors.

In the postcard pictured here, the paper strips are in the same color family in various shades with different patterns and textures. Combined with the hand drawn curlicues and torn paper, a lively sense of movement and activity is achieved.

Paper strips make an attractive background for postcards, artist trading cards, greeting cards, mixed media artwork, art journaling and more. You can paint, draw, and glue anything you like over a paper strip background.

I find reusing my scrap and waste material makes me a happy crafter. Knowing that I’m being kind to the earth and that every last bit of my art supplies can be made into something beautiful is comforting and freeing.

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