The Lift Garage


Cathy Heying – a daily saint

Have you ever considered how a broken car can lead to poverty and homelessness?

Minimum wage earners depend on their cars to work. Lower income workers can’t afford repairs in excess of $40-$100 per hour for labor plus parts. It is a very real fear that a costly car malfunction could lead one to lose work and eventually lose one’s home in worst case scenario. 

Many years ago social worker Cathy Heying of Minneapolis, MN saw the dire need for low-cost car repair for the needy in her area and did something about it.  She went back to school and earned a degree in auto technology with the vision of opening a repair garage to serve those living on well below an average income.  St. Stephen’s Catholic Church then partnered with Cathy to make The Lift Garage a reality.

I heard about the organization in a feature on the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley and I am fascinated by what they are doing to help people. The garage currently serves 10-12 customers per week and their waiting list increased from two months long to three months long during 2014.  They also offer skilled job training in the field of auto mechanics.  The need for support is great; please consider a donation of money or time.  Or simply sharing the word about The Lift Garage on your social media accounts can make a great impact for good!

The Lift Garage

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