Rip and tear artist

Simple postcard with torn white paper

“no frills” – click image to enlarge

Five months ago I introduced myself to collage and am now happily addicted. I find working with torn paper highly agreeable. It satisfies my taste for rustic styles. I am committed to using reclaimed and recycled materials as much as possible in my art and torn paper allows me to make fuller use of available materials. It stretches my creativity because torn paper helps me to look at paper in new ways.

Pictured here is a postcard made from torn strips of white paper. I used standard printer paper. The composition here is simple and this allows a number of facets about the paper medium to become apparent.

The color of the paper and the impression made by that color becomes magnified in a simple composition. In the pictured card, the shadows are at their boldest with the white paper. On each paper strip I left one edge free of adhesive, creating a raised edge effect across the card. The play of light and shadows along those ridges has a striking impact.

The texture of the chosen paper offers a unique tactile experience. I envision making similar cards from textured papers (ie. embossed, handmade, linen); glossy papers (ie. photo and brochure); and super smooth papers.

Leonardo da Vinci said that “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” A simple composition is a fine way to begin exploring the various facets of any artistic technique.

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