To you who struggles with depression…


Hello dear You-

I think you deserve an outpouring of love from the universe and this note is my gift to you. Of all the people in the world some may face the same struggles you do but most, undoubtedly, do not. Personally, I know what depression, anxiety, fear and feelings of unworthiness feel like. But I realize that I do not know how you feel. Only you know that. And in your loneliest moments I am sure you are painfully aware of that fact.

I’m not going to give you advice because I don’t feel I’m qualified to do that. I also know that people’s advice to me about my own depression has often made me feel like they mean well but are actually making it worse. I don’t want to make you feel that way because your struggles are yours and I don’t intend to trivialize them. Your journey is important, whether it is filled with pain or with joy. My purpose in writing to you is to tell you what my hopes for you are and to encourage you to preserve your own hopes for yourself.

I hope that you will find ways to accept your feelings, no matter what they are, without being limited by them, without guilt and without apology. Terrible things happen and life can make us feel all sorts of bad. It’s okay for you to have negative feelings and you don’t need to apologize to yourself or your family or friends or strangers for having them. If you have only one good day out of a week, that doesn’t mean you are doing something wrong. And when you have days that it’s too hard to even try fighting the fight, it doesn’t mean you’re weak. Conversely, you are allowed to feel good things. If you can only feel a little happiness in a day, that’s all right. I hope you just go ahead and enjoy every last drop of that little bit of goodness. And if you feel yourself tumbling headlong into unavoidable joy, I hope you can just lose yourself in that feeling and not even worry about what difficulties are around the corner.

I hope you will be able to accept as much goodness from life and from people as you yourself have to give. My wish is that you will try hard to let the ones who care about you care for you. It can be hard to let people in when life makes you feel ugly inside. When you find yourself in the dark, the light can be blinding and painful. I hope you will be audacious and let it in anyway.

And finally, I hope you will find comfort in this letter of support. I wrote to you because I care about you. Because I recognize and appreciate the gifts you bring to the world. Because I celebrate you for being just who you are, just as you are, whatever that might be in any given moment. As for myself, I am happy to extend a hand of friendship and my support. My best wishes are with you no matter what!

-From Me

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Photo courtesy of Mike Thomas under a Creative Commons license.