My primary occupation

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Early in 2015 I made a selection of acrylic paintings using primary colors – red, yellow and blue.  In all of the paintings I used a credit card as a paint applicator. It’s a nice technique for speedy painting, covering wide spaces with color and the random mark-making that I expect to explore more in the future.

“RYB” is named for the primary colors Red, Yellow and Blue.  I discuss this painting in my previous post about applying paint with credit cards.  The “discoid” painting was made into a bold mailart envelope for a penpal of mine.  “Rebellion” is a favorite of the paintings I’ve done.  It was super fun to create the random and violent looking marks.  It feels messy and even gory as the red paint looks somewhat like blood spray.  It feels like a bloody rebellion happened in the painting, hence the name.

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