Cruising for ephemera

Handmade collage postcard

“Pachakutiq” – click image to enlarge

I find a thrill in collecting collage papers from unexpected everyday sources. Repurposing mundane items into art materials is very satisfying as a creativity booster, a money saver and a sustainable practice.

Cruise brochures are one of my favorite image sources for art, especially as mail art. The “Pachakutiq” postcard pictured is made entirely of recycled and reclaimed paper materials with a central image of Machu Picchu from South America.

Cruise brochures are procured free of charge, my favorite of all reasons to use them. The images are ideally sized for postcards, greeting cards, scrapbook pages, and artist trading cards. The paper is usually thick and resilient, making for easy and wrinkle-free gluing. When used in mail art, the strong brochure paper stands up well to mail processing machines. The artistry of the photos found in these brochures is breathtaking and is nearly guaranteed to please whomever lays eyes on them.

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